World Boss Guide: Claw of Jormag

The cannons have been adjusted. This time, we’ll bring it down…for good!
– Pact Researcher Darrin

The Claws of Jormag, champions of the Elder Dragon Jormag, have stalked the fleeing kodan, a race of humanoid polar bears, south into Frostgorge Sound. The Claws swoop down over the area and drop corrupted ice shards that contain icebrood minions. When the Pact destroys these shards to prevent the corruption from spreading, a Claw flies down to do battle.


  • Level: 80
  • Zone: Frostgorge Sound
  • Area: Earthshake Basin and Frostwalk Tundra
  • Meta event: Breaking the Claw of Jormag
  • Waypoint: Use Earthshake Waypoint for the pre-events or to go straight to the boss.
  • Crash Landing achievement: you must be crushed by the Claw as it transitions into phase 2. In the transition, the Claw flies up and bounces onto the plateau before crash landing in its second location for phase 2. If you stand in the location of the Claw’s right foot in phase 1 and wait there, the Claw flattens you when it bounces. You are instantly defeated.


Destroy the dragon crystal on the road to Slough of Despond
Destroy the dragon crystal at Elder’s Vale
Destroy the dragon crystal near the Pact siege wall
Destroy the dragon crystal at the Pact flak cannons

These four events occur simultaneously. You simply have to destroy the dragon crystals in four different areas (see fig. 1-1). When the crystals land, they knockback players in a large radius. For the dragon crystal at Elder’s Vale, for instance, you need to stand in the middle of the dirt path (see fig. 1-2) to avoid the knockback. After a few seconds, the dragon crystals produce many icebrood minions. People usually ignore the mobs and focus on the dragon crystal.

You should be able to get event completion for three of the crystals by tagging the crystals starting at Elder’s Vale, going to the Pact flak cannons, and finally running to the Pact siege wall (see fig. 1-1).

The first four pre-events and my route for event completion

Figure 1-1. First four pre-events and my route for event completion

The spot I stand in for the Elder's Vale dragon crystal

Figure 1-2. The spot I stand in for the Elder’s Vale dragon crystal

Lure out the Claws of Jormag by destroying the final dragon crystal

For this event, you destroy the last dragon crystal on the hill just like the previous four. The only difference is that it has more health than the others. A champion icebrood minion might spawn, which can drop a champion bag.

World Boss

Defeat the Claw of Jormag

The Claw of Jormag stomps and creates an ice wall

The Claw of Jormag fight has two phases. In the first phase, the Claw will land and summon an ice wall. A blue field of corrupted ground will appear before the ice wall. If you stand in the frozen ground, you receive an effect called Icy Grave which ticks for high amounts of damage and stacks up to four times. Therefore, you need a weapon with 1200 range, or you need to pick up a pact bazooka in the barrels at the bottom of the hill. Players stack right outside the range of the frozen ground (see fig. 2) and attack the wall from there.

You can also stand back in the camp to defend the cannons. The Claw summons more dragon crystals that spawn icebrood minions, but the champions do not drop champion bags, and it’s often more effective to help destroy the ice wall. Once the ice wall loses all health, the Claw finishes its last attack and the ice wall shatters, making the Claw vulnerable. If you run in prematurely while the Claw executes its last attack, you could go down waiting for the ice wall to break. The Claw flies away after 15 seconds of vulnerability. After it flies away, if it has less than 50% health, it transitions into phase 2, but if not, you have to repeat phase 1. Usually it takes two cycles of phase 1 to transition.

You can continue to attack the area the Claw was in after it flies away and still do damage with a cleaving weapon or ground-targeted area of effects. The additional damage done is reflected in the Claw’s health if you cycle through phase 1 again. However, for the purpose of the phase transition, damage only counts up until Crusader Ian yells, “It’s airborne! Get those flak cannons firing!” That means if you damage it below 50% health after you hear him call that out, phase 1 begins again regardless.

  • Dragon’s Breath: it screams and fears everyone within a range of roughly 2400. It will always fear at least three times immediately after it lands, earning it the nickname “Fearmag.” Every time you are hit with this attack, you will receive an effect that cannot be cleansed or removed. It ticks for small amounts of damage.
  • Dragon Bomb: it summons shards of corrupted ice that hover over players for a moment and then fall, dealing decent damage. If you are at half health or lower, you may be downed by these crystals.
  • Mist Wave: it summons corrupted walls of icicles that jut rapidly from the earth, knocking back all players in the way

In the second phase, the Claw is blasted out of the sky and lands in a different area nearby. For this phase, you must protect kamikaze golems that walk slowly down the hill to bomb the Claw. During this phase, skills with a range of 1200 can hit the Claw’s targetable head when it isn’t stunned, but attacks will do roughly 25-33% of their normal damage. The Claw maintains its frozen ground and Dragon’s Breath. Many icebrood spawn at the top of the hill and veteran icebrood elementals will spawn on both ledges. The champion icebrood that spawn during this phase do drop champion bags, so some people choose to farm them while waiting for the golems. The Claw summons ice pillars to block the golems. If a golem hits a pillar head on, it collapses. Sometimes the golems miraculously sidestep the pillars. It takes about 5 golems to successfully stun the Claw.

When the Claw is stunned, players can rush in and attack it. Unlike in phase 1, the Icy Grave effect will re-trigger as soon as the cycle is over, forcing players to retreat. It takes about two to three cycles to kill the Claw.

In phase 1, there is a rare bug in which the Claw will land, but no ice wall spawns and it is immediately vulnerable. In phase 2, there is a similar bug. The Claw will land and you will notice that all three hit boxes (head and feet) are immediately targetable. The frozen ground will persist for about 10 seconds, and then you can rush in and burn it.

Stack spot for phase 1

Figure 2. Stack spot for phase 1

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