World Bosses

This island would be perfect if it weren’t for all the… things living here. – Subdirector Noll The Consortium has tried to turn Southsun Cove into an ideal vacation destination. The only problem is that the currently unnamed Deep Sea Dragon (or Bubbles, if you prefer) has driven the race of […]

World Boss Guide: Karka Queen

The cannons have been adjusted. This time, we’ll bring it down…for good! – Pact Researcher Darrin The Claws of Jormag, champions of the Elder Dragon Jormag, have stalked the fleeing kodan, a race of humanoid polar bears, south into Frostgorge Sound. The Claws swoop down over the area and drop […]

World Boss Guide: Claw of Jormag

Mark II request granted. Prepare for drop placement. – Champion Platform Master The Inquest are trying to dump toxic waste from their experiments into waterways frequented by the hylek. If the friendly frogs are saved before the containers release contaminants to pollute the environment, the Inquest engage their latest invention, Mark […]

World Boss Guide: Inquest Golem Mark II

Uhm. Did we just make it bigger? – Krewe Researcher Tyaj The krewe at the Advanced Arcanomics Lab is trying to utilize the power of the volcano. Unfortunately, the Inquest are trying to do the same. On top of that, the volcano is active and occasionally becomes unstable, causing destroyers to flood […]

World Boss Guide: Megadestroyer

Is it gonna breathe? It is, it’s breathing! Watch out for the fire! Move, move, move! – Vigil Crusader The Shatterer, champion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, patrols the Dragonbrand within Blazeridge Steppes. It commands branded minions and enables the crystalline corruption to spread. When the Vigil readies itself with […]

World Boss Guide: The Shatterer

Come to kill the Hydra Queen, have you? Well, if you come at the Queen, you had better not miss. – Taidha Covington The infamous Admiral Taidha Covington has been leading the Covington pirates from within her keep on Laughing Gull Island. The Lionguard have stocked a galleon with explosives […]

World Boss Guide: Admiral Taidha Covington

This is the beginning, centaurs! We’re coming for all of your bases, one by one. – Captain Ganes Ulgoth is a title given to the tyrannical War King and High Sage of the Modniir, Harathi, and Tamini centaur tribes. When a new Ulgoth is sent from the Woodland Cascades, he […]

World Boss Guide: Modniir Ulgoth

During this time, anything could cross through the portal. We may be faced with something… unfriendly. – Priestess Rhie The barrier between Tyria and the Mists is weak in Godslost Swamp. Over two centuries ago, this place was the Temple of the Ages. Adventurers used statues of the gods to […]

World Boss Guide: Shadow Behemoth

If I fall today, my last breath will carry Ventari’s teachings. This abomination holds no sway over me. – Gamarien The sylvari, Gamarien, has been tasked with battling the darkness in Wychmire Swamp. The local wildlife is becoming more aggressive, summoned husks are appearing in the swamp, and blighted growths […]

World Boss Guide: Great Jungle Wurm

The fire elemental could incinerate the entire valley! – Rooba Chaos magic has gotten out of control after the meltdown in the formerly Inquest-occupied Thaumanova Reactor. The asura, Rooba, has good intentions when she brings in the C.L.E.A.N. 5000 to absorb the chaos magic. Unfortunately, she pushes her golem a little […]

World Boss Guide: Fire Elemental

Dragon cannot take the grawl. They’re a pain, but they are our pain. – Scholar Brogun The Sons of Svanir worship the Elder Dragon Jormag instead of revering the Spirits of the Wild. The local grawl in the Wayfarer Foothills, eager to find a new god to serve, have begun honoring Jormag […]

World Boss Guide: Svanir Shaman