Heart of Thorns

Mouth of Mordremoth
The Dragon’s Stand meta event works differently than the other Heart of Thorns maps. In the other maps, the preparation meta event does not largely impact the shorter boss meta. In Dragon’s Stand, however, the successful completion of the preparation is necessary to trigger the Mouth of Mordremoth spawn. Therefore […]

Dragon’s Stand Against the Mouth of Mordremoth Guide

Chak Gerent
Tangled Depths is known as the most confusing Heart of Thorns map, and originally its meta event was the hardest to successfully complete. The first phase of the meta event, Advancing Across Tangled Roots, involves assisting four outposts spread out across the map. As you do the events, the denizens of […]

Tangled Depths Against the Chak Gerent Guide

Auric Basin is home of Tarir, the golden city of Exalted who tirelessly protect Glint’s legacy. Like all the other Heart of Thorns maps, Auric basin has a map-wide meta event in two phases. In the first phase, Defending Tarir, you have to help the Exalted activate the four outposts, and then […]

Auric Basin Battle in Tarir Guide

Verdant Brink is your first glimpse into Magus Falls, the region that was introduced in Heart of Thorns. As a result, the map is filled with new players who aren’t sure what to do or how to do it. Verdant Brink, like Dry Top and the Silverwastes, has a map-wide meta […]

Verdant Brink Nightfall Guide