The Uncategorized fractal takes place… no one knows where, except perhaps Dessa, who abruptly leaves your group with no guidance as soon as you arrive. Whatever happened there, it is related to the Fractals of the Mists as a whole, and it was a terrible tragedy. A muttering, insane asura awaits […]

Uncategorized Fractal Guide

The Thaumanova Reactor fractal is a reenactment of the Thaumanova Reactor fallout. This ruined asuran complex can be found in Metrica Province in its current form—divided into five sectors, full of chaotic materials and waste with various creatures teleporting in and disappearing at random. The destruction was caused by an Inquest […]

Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Guide

The Swampland fractal contains all the usual swamp denizens: drakes, skelk, spiders, mosquitoes, oh, and a deadly shapeshifting norn hermit and angry tree spirit. Wisps To advance in this fractal, you have to take three wisps (marked by gears on the mini-map) to the hollowed-out tree stumps known as clefts […]

Swampland Boss Fractal Guide

Jade Maw
The Solid Ocean boss fractal, also known as the Jade Maw fractal, takes us to the Jade Sea in southeastern Cantha to take place in the Luxon rite of Convocation. During this festival, the champions of three clans competed with each other for the Spear of Archemorus. The victorious champion […]

Solid Ocean Boss Fractal Guide

The Snowblind fractal takes place in a freezing forest filled with alpine wolves, Sons of Svanir, and their elemental constructs. Ice Wall You are under the effect of Hypothermia until you defeat the Elemental Source. Hypothermia stacks intensity and does damage over time. You can only remove Hypothermia by standing near […]

Snowblind Fractal Guide

The Nightmare fractal is a reenactment of the invasion of the Tower of Nightmares during Living World Season 1. It contains Watchwork minions and members of the Toxic alliance: a combination of the Nightmare Court and corrupted krait. It is the first fractal to contain a challenge mote with unique rewards. Multiform […]

Nightmare Fractal Guide

The Molten Furnace fractal is a reenactment of Rox and Braham’s raid on the Molten Weapons Facility from Flame and Frost: Retribution. The Molten Alliance was created by Scarlet Briar. It combines dredge and Flame Legion charr to create ingenious technology and dangerous weaponry. Ambush You meet up with Rox […]

Molten Furnace Fractal Guide

The Molten Boss fractal takes place in the Molten Facility. It is a reenactment of Rox and Braham taking on the leaders of the Molten Alliance from Flame and Frost: Retribution. Effigy Down the ramp you meet a Champion Molten Effigy. It has two skills: a standard fireball that explodes on impact, […]

Molten Boss Fractal Guide

The Cliffside fractal occurs at the beginning of the history of Tyria. A colossus has been chained up by an Archdiviner, and many cultists and chanters maintain the seals on the bonds. Cultist Hammer After picking up the singularity hidden in the bushes, you approach a group of fanatics and chanters guarding […]

Cliffside Fractal Guide

The Chaos Isles fractal is a conglomeration of elements from many other fractals. The mastermind behind this is a mysterious asura who interferes with Dessa’s communication and throws challenges at you to impede your progress. Cliffside/Uncategorized First you appear to be in the Cliffside fractal: two veteran chanters and fanatics await […]

Chaos Isles Fractal Guide

The Captain Mai Trin boss fractal takes place in the Aetherblade Retreat. It is a reenactment of Ellen Kiel’s confrontation with the Aetherblade captain, Mai Trin, who worked for Scarlet Briar. Captain Mai Trin Before you reach Mai Trin, you encounter a group of Aetherblades with a champion Inquest technician around […]

Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal Guide

The Aquatic Ruins fractal takes place in underwater ruins inhabited by krait. There is a small fishing village nearby, and the locals have been kidnapped by the krait to serve as slaves. Since this fractal takes place underwater, your normal headgear and weapon are replaced by your rebreather and underwater weapon(s). […]

Aquatic Ruins Fractal Guide