Destiny’s Edge has reunited, Trahearne has purified the source of Orr, and the Pact gathers on the outside of the Ruined City of Arah, the capital of the sunken nation of Orr. The Pact forms an encampment and salvages airship parts to cast off on the Humble. Logan stays behind […]

Ruined City of Arah Gallery

Zojja search for Kudu has been ceaseless ever since he escaped her at¬†Sorrow’s Embrace. Now she finds him working at a huge Inquest complex in the Steamspur Mountains, harvesting draconic energy and using it to create high-powered abominations. She meets up with the reunited Logan and Rytlock. They explore the […]

Crucible of Eternity Gallery

Eir has committed to helping the ursine Kodan race. The Kodan aboard the Honor of the Waves were fleeing south from Jormag and its minions when a coordinated attack by the Icebrood caused the sanctuary ship to start sinking. The Sons of Svanir and Icebrood have taken up residence in […]

Honor of the Waves Gallery

The Pact seeks to gain ground in Fireheart Rise by storming the Citadel of Flame, the main stronghold of the Flame Legion. Gaheron Baelfire, the powerful leader of the Flame Legion, is attempting to ascend to godhood. Logan and Rytlock arrive to help the Pact, but they’re immediately at each […]

Citadel of Flame Gallery

Zojja has gone into the depths of Sorrow’s Embrace, incensed that someone is misusing her late master’s work for evil deeds. She discovers the culprit is Kudu, another former apprentice of Snaff’s. Eir and Caithe come to find her and discover the Inquest have been weaponizing the dredge to fight […]

Sorrow’s Embrace Gallery

Caithe decides to delve into the home of the Nightmare Court when she discovers Faolin, a previous friend and lover, and fellow¬†firstborn, has taken over leadership. The Grand Duchess Faolin has three champions: warrior Sariel, necromancer Brangoire, and mesmer Cadeyrn. Caithe must take on these champions, along with the other […]

Twilight Arbor Gallery

Minister Caudecus hosts a lavish party at his manor to celebrate the continued peace between humans and charr. But a golem crashes the party and kidnaps Sigfast, a norn, Mia Kindleshot, a charr, and Queen Jennah herself. The separatists, led by Captain DeLana are shown to be behind these machinations, […]

Caudecus’ Manor Gallery

Haunting secrets lurk in the Ascalonian Catacombs. King Adelbern, mad with frustration and grief, cast the Foefire in a desperate attempt to rebuff the charr in 1090 AE. Unfortunately, he also condemned his own people to endless servitude in the battle that cost them their lives. These spirits are forever […]

Ascalonian Catacombs Gallery

Across Tyria, the Elder Dragons send their champions to harass the peoples of Tyria and turn them into their subservient minions. The Claw of Jormag flies down from the Northern Shiverpeaks into Frostgorge Sound and drops corrupted ice crystals on the landscape, adding to its Icebrood army. The Shatterer, Kralkatorrik’s […]

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