About the Blog

Welcome to the Durmand Priory’s digital archives!

The Durmand Priory Archives is a fan site dedicated to galleries, guides, and lore of Guild Wars 2. Guides are constantly updated to reflect balance patches, fractal overhauls, living world updates, and expansions. Galleries are filled with unaltered screenshots to show off the beauty of Tyria. The library is a visual compendium of the books that can be found in-game, including gizmos and interactable objects. Lore comes in the form of creative fiction detailing the events of living world episodes using real dialogue from the game. The slider on the home page displays the most recent permanent releases — annual festivals (Super Adventure Box, Halloween and Wintersday) are not included.

If you would like to request a guide or ask me to cover some aspect of the content, please send me an email or a message on Facebook.

About the Author

My name is Sarah and I’m the sole author and editor of the Durmand Priory Library. I played Shaiya, World of Warcraft, and Aion for extensive periods of time before settling on Guild Wars 2 as my current and main MMORPG. I participated in closed and open beta events for Guild Wars 2, and I’ve been playing since the early access weekend in August 2012. My elementalist, Phoenix Jaydefire, is my main character, but I have one level 80 character from each of the nine professions. You can check them out on GW2 Efficiency.